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Who Can Tow Your Car when Parked in Wrong Area in Paradise, NV? Municipal Impound VS Private Property Towing

As a fairly common and frustrating experience, most drivers experience needing a tow, and what seems like poor luck, it often happens while running through a busy schedule. Having your vehicle towed, under most circumstances, can be a rather big inconvenience. Should you have had your vehicle towed away recently, you may have some confusion…

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How to Tow 2, 4 & All Wheel Drive Vehicles to Avoid Mechanical & Transmission Damage in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Making a major impact, the way that vehicles add power to its wheels is defined as its drivetrain when you are driving on rough terrain or in extreme weather conditions. The way your driving is affected between 2, 4, and all-wheel drive and they all have differences that many people are unaware of. Today, we…

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Holiday Road Trip Driving Checklist in Centennial, NV; Brakes, Tires, Engine Fluids & More

Spiral hams, roasted turkeys, plenty of sides, pumpkin pies, always come to mind when planning the holidays, and congested highways and streets are typically part of the traditions. In the United States, with over 100 million people traveling 50 miles or more, November and December are two of the most highly traveled months. Though Thanksgiving…

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Car Overheating Troubleshooting in Tuscany Village, NV; Coolant Leak, Low Engine Oil & More

Motorized vehicles all use a cooling system to prevent overheating the engine. As an engine runs it can create excessive heat which can damage a number of engine components. The cooling system help to prevent overheating damages. However, when the cooling systems fails and the engine overheats it is essential to pull off the road…

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