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Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers to Avoid a Car Accident in Summerlin, NV; Never Drive when Tired & More

With the holidays quickly coming to an end, people are driving in the thick of it. With last minute shopping, travel to traditional destinations such as visiting family and friends, participating in community activities, and so on, traffic is especially high during this time of year. With statistics showing the holidays are the most likely…

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Hiring a Towing Company in Summerlin, NV; Efficient Tow Trucks, Roadside Assistance & More

Never wait until you are broken down on the side of the freeway to begin looking for a towing or roadside assistance service. When you regularly drive a vehicle, you should already be prepared for the worst case scenarios. This means already having a towing and roadside assistance service company ready. Often automobile insurance companies…

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When Do You Need a Flatbed Tow Truck in Las Vegas, NV? After an Accident & More

Towing methods have changed over the years. Most tow companies transport rather the tow. The client’s vehicle is loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported versus the traditional way of having at least two wheels on the ground and ‘pulling’ the vehicle. Both have their advantages and some disadvantages as well. When Do You Need…

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