Towing a Lowered, Classic, Muscle, Vintage, Antique, Collector or Exotic Car in Canyon Gate, NV

What is a classic car? The definition varies from local to local. It must be valued enough to be collectible and worth preservation versus scrapping. Generally, vehicles over 20 to 25 years old are considered classic. Older cars do not conform to the safety norms of modern vehicles. Body design and safety equipment are lacking.…

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Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging, Towing & Other EV Roadside Assistance in Centennial, NV

Electric vehicles have become more and more popular in the United States due to advancements in technology, lower prices and environmental concerns. They are also cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain. But with all the benefits of electric vehicles they can breakdown just like combustion engine vehicles and have you in need or roadside…

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Tips to Avoid Transmission Failure & Breakdown in Aliante, NV; Downshifting to Slow Down & More

Most drivers operate an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. Currently only 37% of the vehicles sold offer a standard transmission version, and sales account for a mere 3%. Many manufacturers have dropped the standard transmission option in most of their lines completely. Even sports cars like Ferrari have dropped the stick shift so the stick seems…

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