Can I Tow My Own Car in Sunrise Manor, NV? Risk of Transmission & Other Damage, Accident & More

When it comes to things that people really rely on to get through a day, transportation is definitely one of them. We all rely on some way to get around whether you have your own car or if you are riding a bike or bus. You want to make sure that it is reliable and able to get you where you need to go. When there is a problem with the car or truck that you are driving it can be frustrating. You need to be able to get around and when the car breaks down it can be hard to handle. You will have to call for a tow truck and then have to pay to have your vehicle repaired. Although some of the repairs can be a simple fix like a bad battery others can be more expensive. When it comes to being broken down on the side of the road some people think they can take care of the towing on their own. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. Non Stop Towing outlines why you do not want to tow your own car.

Car May Get Damaged Further During DIY Tow

One of the issues that you have when you try and tow your own car is that you can damage your own car. When you try and attach your car to another vehicle to tow it you might attach the chain to the wrong spot. If you start to pull the car it can cause damage to the bumper and other areas. You also could cause damage during the actual towing. If there is someone in the car that is being towed that does not know how to drive it you can end up in an accident. This can happen when you don’t make a proper turn or if you don’t stop properly and hit the car in front of you.

Can Towing Another Car Cause Transmission or Other Damage?

When you are stuck on the side of the road and you need to get a tow you might call a friend that has a truck. The vehicle that is towing you has to be larger than the car that needs to be towed. If you are not using the proper equipment to tow the car it can cause damage to the vehicle. The issue can be there is too much being towed and it can have an effect on the motor and could cause it to seize. This will mean that you now have two cars that are not able to drive and you will need two tow trucks.

Using the Wrong Towing Equipment

Another problem that you might have is that the tools that you are using are not appropriate. You cannot just use a chain to get the job done. Many times the vehicle can be damaged and will not drive. This means the car needs to be picked up off the ground. If you are doing your own town and you do not have the equipment you may never be able to even leave the spot you are on.

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