Car Leaking Clear & Odorless or Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue or Other Fluid in Inspirada, NV?

When you have a car you know that you must take time to care for it to keep it running. The great thing is that each car or truck has a guide that you can follow that will tell you when particular maintenance is required. You can also always ask a trusted mechanic that has the ability to understand what needs to be done and when. Even if you do all that is required there are things that can break and need replacement out of the ordinary terms. You want to make sure that you are on the lookout for any fluids that are leaking from your vehicle. This is a sign that there is a problem that can end up leaving you stranded on the side of the road needing to be towed. The fluids are to be filled in the vehicle and remain there until it is time to change them out and then they are drained and replaced or topped off. When you see them leaking there could be a problem with that particular area of the car.

NonStop Towing Outlines What Fluids Could Be Leaking From Your Car Or Truck

Brown Fluid? Car Leaking Oil: One of the most common types of leaks that you will see from under your vehicle is from the oil. If you pull out of your driveway or where you park you may start to notice that there are some drops of liquid. If you were to look at the color it is usually a dark brown color that has a smell of burning motor. The oil is something that is needed for the engine to run smoothly and when it is leaking out it is a major problem. The oil will sometimes hit another part of the car and travel before it drips making it difficult to locate the actual source of the leak. When it is located it is important to make sure that you have it repaired. It can be something that is broken or a seal that is leaking. Then be sure that you keep an eye on the level of oil in your car.
Green or Yellow Fluid? Car Leaking Coolant or Antifreeze: This is a type of fluid that you may find leaking from your car on occasion. This is what is needed to keep your engine cooled and not allow it to overheat. If you think yours has a leak you can look at the actual liquid and it is bright green , yellow or pink it is likely coolant. It also tends to have an odor that is sweet and this can be attractive to pets so be sure they are kept away from the spill. It is important to have the leak repaired so that your engine does not overheat. Green fluid can also be antifreeze leaking as well.
Red Fluid? Car Leaking Transmission Fluid: This is a liquid that can leak if you have a gap from your transmission to your engine. When this occurs the color of the liquid that is coming out is usually a deep red and when it is over used transmission fluid will also smell burnt. If you touch it there will be an oily and slick feeling that tells you that it could be transmission fluid. You want to be sure that this is repaired before it causes other areas of the vehicle to start to break down.

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