Emergency Towing in Anthem, NV; Car Stopped in Flood Water, Fast Accident Response, Rollover & More

Las Vegas has few conflicts with nature. We don’t experience earthquakes and tornadoes and other than the heat, our environment seldom throws very many curves our way. Dust storms, high winds and occasional flooding are our main concerns. Wind is a problem for high profile vehicles like vans. The culprit is gusting, with winds hitting at times up to 50 or more miles per hour. Tip overs though rare do occasionally occur. Our sandstorms are somewhat restrained compared to the haboobs of the Sahara. Again, high profile vehicles like vans and semi-trailers have a window of vulnerability and the lack of long range vision due to airborne dirt obscures vision.

Driving Through Flood Water

The worst that can happen is the occasional flood. Due to our dry climate the first part of a rainstorm floats dirt and debris from our roads creating very slick surfaces. Accidents rise. As rains continue they finally remove this surface dirt improving the road and tire adhesion. The scourge of the southwest is flash flooding. Although the valley’s flood control systems are a considerable improvement of what was the norm for the valley up through the late 1980’s, the east-west streets towards the west end of town turn into rivers as many follow the old drainage channels like Charleston and West Sahara. In case of a flood, the occurrence of stranded motorists rise with the depth and severity of the flooding. Tows due to drowned out engines become a problem.

Fast Accident Response

Except for the heat of summer, the Las Vegas Valley is a fairly benign environment. But street accidents like all urban surroundings occur with regularity. You can be assured that NonStop Towing is prepared to tow your vehicle using proven safe technologies like flatbed towing or raised wheel towing. Tows offer safety for when accidents occur.

Types of Rollover Accidents

The worst are rollovers as they can create road hazards not normally present in a collision. Leaking fuel and wide dispersion of wreckage are two of the additional hazards attending rollovers. The statistics are that fatalities also increase in rollover situations. Rollover comprise two categories of accidents. Tripped and untripped. Hitting a curb or collision with another vehicle, tripped rollovers are caused by external forces outside of the vehicle in question. Taking a turn at high speed one must account for potential centripetal forces operating on the vehicle. Vehicles with high centers of gravity like off-road trucks, and of course the rollover king, Jeeps, can lead to an untripped rollover. Unless fitted with a complete roll cage and you can discount roll bars in pickups, they serve no purpose except they look cool and a place for off road lighting. As they attach to the relative thin bed and not the frame they offer very little protection. Vans and other broad profile vehicles like semi-trailers and delivery vans are often compromised by high winds creating a potential for a rollover. Military vehicles have a wider inherent track width than civilian vehicles providing a greater resistance to rollovers. Sliding sidewise or causing the outer wheels to dig into soft earth comprise about 71% of all the rollovers. Heavy duty suspensions increase rollover potential as does a load on the roof of vans. Centripetal forces, the tendency of a object to want to go straight when in curved travel, contributes to rollover disasters. The forces of mass in motion can be somewhat convoluted at best, after all Sir Isaac Newton developed and perfected calculus just to deal with the mathematical description of objects in motion and the force that interact with them.

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Drive cautiously and if you need towing or roadside assistance, call NonStop Towing when there is an emergency, big or small as we offer roadside assistance as well.

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