How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Car or Truck in Henderson, NV; Tires, Driving, Idling & More

When you buy a car you know that you are going to have to pay your car note, car insurance and register the car with your local Department Of Motor Vehicles. These are all costs that exist when you own a car but there are costs that are reoccurring. One of them that exists on a regular basis is filling your car up with gas. The gas that you fill your car up with can be costly and when you are filling up often it can be taxing on your wallet. The gas that your car uses can be adjusted by some of the ways you use your vehicle and the way you care for the car. If you want to save money on the gas that you are using it is a good idea to know what those tips are. Non Stop Towing offers helpful tips to get better gas mileage for your car or truck.

Properly Inflated Tires Greatly Improve Fuel Efficiency

You may not realize it but if you are not inflating your tires to the right level it can cost you in gas mileage. The tires that are on your car grip the road and allow your car to move along the surface of the street. When the weather changes from cold to hot the pressure in your tires can change and that is not good for your gas mileage. Be sure that your tires are checked and inflated to the proper PSI on a regular basis. The lower the tires are the more they grip the road and that can lead to more traction against the road which leads to higher gas usage.

Frequent Rapid Acceleration & Hard Braking Can Increase Fuel Consumption

You also can be causing your bad gas mileage simply by the way that you drive your car or truck. Are you accelerating quickly while you drive? If you are then your engine is using more gas to keep up and that can end up sending you to the pump faster. You want to make sure that you practice driving your car with a steady foot so that the car has a steady increase and decrease. This is a great way to keep your gas mileage in the best level.

How Much Gas Does a Car Use when Idling?

There are times in your life that you find you are parked in a parking lot, outside a friend’s house or waiting for an appointment. Many people pull up and put the car in park. Then just sit there and let the car idle until they are ready to get out. If you find that you are letting your car idle it is best for the gas mileage to turn the car off. This will help to save on gas since idling is using gas while the car is not even in motion. Generally, you use about a quarter of a gallon of gas for every fifteen minutes you idle!

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