Hypermiling in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Best Fuel Economy Motorway Driving to Avoid Running Out of Gas

Hearing the low gas alarm and seeing it brightly lit on the dashboard are all too familiar with the indication our fuel tank is low. Too many push their vehicles past the limits and get to their destination or to a gas station with no luck of success. When you run out of gas, you need a reliable towing expert, like Nonstop Towing, to provide fuel roadside delivery services. Considering this a very common occurrence, we at Nonstop Towing would like to share a few tips to conserve fuel to help you get your vehicle to a gas station before you have run out.

How to Conserve Gas when Driving on Low Fuel Levels

You typically have 30-50 miles before you are fully dry once the gas light alerts you that you are low on fuel. Where this can sound like plenty, you will be surprised how quickly it runs out. You can have long stretches of gas stations should you be driving on major highways, and either way, you will want to look for a gas station as soon as possible. Where most have a cellphone on their person, you can pull off the road safely and locate a gas station with your GPS feature. Below are a few tips you can apply to reserve fuel until you reach a gas station.
1) Turn the auto air conditioner and/or heater off. You can conserve fuel by switching off the air conditioner or heater when you know you are pushing it to get to the gas station. In fact, you can reduce the fuel economy up to 25% by turning off the A/C or heater. Though this will make the time a little uncomfortable, it is a better alternative than getting stranded.
2) Roll the car windows up. You may be tempted to roll the windows down after switching the A/C off but rolling down the windows impacts the fuel economy if you are cruising at high speeds on a highway. The aerodynamics of your vehicle is compromised with window down and traveling at high speeds, as it will create a dragging affect. However, the rolled down windows will not affect the gas, that if you are on surface roads and speeds are low, and you keep the windows down.
3) Avoid resistance and drive downhill. Any time your vehicle faces resistance, more fuel is spent. For instance, you will use more hill going uphill than what you will use going downhill. When you set out to track a gas station, if possible, look for a flat ground or downhill route.
4) Know when you have run out of gas. Make certain to coast safely to the shoulder of the road if the gas is completely dry and you are unable to make it to the closest gas station. Call a dependable towing company for fuel delivery after you are safely pulled off the side of the road.

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To help you avoid being stressed about the need to conserve fuel or if you will make it to the gas station, diligently refill your vehicle with gas before it drops below the ¼ full line. When you plan a road trip, be sure you are playing it safe and stopping sooner rather than later for fuel, to avoid waiting for assistance on a rural road. When you find the need for fuel in the Las Vegas Valley, call Nonstop Towing and let our leading professionals provide the appropriate fuel with our fuel delivery service.

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