Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging, Towing & Other EV Roadside Assistance in Centennial, NV

Electric vehicles have become more and more popular in the United States due to advancements in technology, lower prices and environmental concerns. They are also cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain. But with all the benefits of electric vehicles they can breakdown just like combustion engine vehicles and have you in need or roadside assistance.

5 Reasons Electric Vehicles Need Roadside Assistance

1. Battery charge runs out. Running out of battery charge is the most common reason that an electric vehicle needs roadside assistance. It’s the same as running out of gas. The batteries in electric vehicles have improved a lot in just the past few years but they still only hold a limited charge. It’s important to keep an eye on the charge that is left before hitting the road. Making sure it’s charged enough will limit the frustration of needing to find a charging station and getting stranded.
2. Electric vehicle battery dies. This situation is not the same as a dead battery in a combustion engine vehicle, but rather with the electric battery that provides the EV with power. The technology of lithium-ion batteries has gotten better but just like any other battery, it’s still possible to have issues with them. Older electric vehicles need more roadside assistance than newer ones because the battery takes less charge. This can happen at the most inconvenient time and requires a call for roadside assistance.
3. Electric vehicle brake problems. Many of the problems that EV have are the same as any other vehicle. This includes the brakes and a possible call for roadside assistance. Just like any other vehicle, the brakes will wear over time and the pads and/or rotors will need to be replaced. The brakes on electric vehicles use a regenerative braking system that slows down the wear they will experience, but it still happens and can result in a breakdown.
4. Electric car tire issues. Electric cars are also suspectable to tire issues. Regular wear and tear or a puncture due to an object on the road can have you stuck on the side of road. Another reason that electric vehicles have tire issues is that they are heavier than combustion engine vehicles due to their heavier battery system that adds significant weight. This puts more pressure on the tires and causes the tread to wear out faster.
5. Lack of electric vehicle maintenance. Electric vehicles are susceptible to the same issues and breakdowns as those powered by gasoline and require the same maintenance. That means regular tune-ups and oil changes every 5,000-10,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and driving conditions.

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Electric vehicles are susceptible to an array of mechanical and technological issues that might leave you stranded on the side of the road at the worst time. If you own an electric vehicle it’s important have the right roadside assistance and towing company on speed dial to protect your investment. That company is NonStop Towing. We can provide roadside assistance and towing for any kind of vehicle. Call us the next time you find yourself in need of help.

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