Road Trip Safety Essentials in Tuscany Village, NV to Avoid Getting Lost or a Car Breakdown

Getting time off work, visiting loved ones, and traveling are all a part of the holiday season. People will take to the road and have a road trip to see the family and friend when flying isn’t an option. You can never be too safe when it comes to driving out of town. With that in mind, we at NonStop Towing would like to offer some tips for taking a road trip this holiday season.

General Car Maintenance

You need to ensure the vehicle is road worthy. Essential maintenance, such as tire rotation and oil changes, should be done a week or so prior to your road trip. The day before you leave, double check the wiper blades, oil levels, tread levels, and fluid levels.

Importance of Wearing a Seat Belt

Though obvious and simple, it is important to wear the seat belts at all times. Too often people unbuckle the seat belts to get more comfortable in the confinements of the vehicle. The number one cause of death, for people between the ages 1 and 54 year olds, are car accidents. Simply by wearing your seat belt, you can reduce the risk of injury or death by 50%.

Sleep Before Road Trip

Over 1,500 fatal car accidents every year are the result of drowsy drivers. The ability to make sound decisions, eyelids get heavy, reaction time diminishes, and staying in your lane becomes a struggle, making driving while fatigued is dangerous. Much like an individual with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05%, studies show that driving after being awake for 18 hours causes your brain to function poorly. This is the equivalent of a driving by a 160-pound man drinking five beers in an hour.

Ride with GPS & Back Up Directions

There can be detours from construction or extreme weather and other circumstances, even if you normally know the way. Take a screen shot of the directions incase you lose signal or print out a few variations of how to get to your destination.

Watch for Motorists Driving Drunk or Tired

Vigilantly watch for tired drivers or those DUI. People can stay alive when people stay alert and report any potential drunk driving. Unless you pass, avoid driving in the left lane. Should someone drifts from the other side of the road, you will be the first in line for a collision. Being in the right lane offers you more reaction time to respond to a drunk driver.

Road Safety Essentials

You do not want to run out of fuel or other fluids. Keeping an extra gas can and the essential fluids with you can help prevent you from getting stranded on a long stretch of highway. You will also want a spare tire with you and the necessary tools to change the tire. Road flares or reflector triangles to improve your visibility and an emergency kit that includes flashlight, poncho, jumper cables, a basic first aid kit, and other needs. Kits are available for purchase or you can customize your own and have what you want included in it.

Favorite Road Trip Snacks & Entertainment

Additionally, you and your passengers need a good balance of your snacks. A nice mix of salty and sugary treats as well as junk food and health foods can help keep the people in the vehicle fueled. Entertainment for the road. Entertainment for the riders can help the time pass and even distract the little ones. You can have music, portable DVD players, travel games, portable games systems, and books available.

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