Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers to Avoid a Car Accident in Summerlin, NV; Never Drive when Tired & More

With the holidays quickly coming to an end, people are driving in the thick of it. With last minute shopping, travel to traditional destinations such as visiting family and friends, participating in community activities, and so on, traffic is especially high during this time of year. With statistics showing the holidays are the most likely time to get involved in a traffic accident, we at Nonstop Towing would like to offer some driving safety tips to help you be safer, which is applicable all year long.

Common Causes of Car Accidents on the Roads

Though everyone should be practicing safe, defensive driving techniques all year long, the holiday season requires more vigilance to stay safe on the busier roads. There are more accidents during this time than any other time of the year, and these accidents are often a result of the following reasons listed below.
1) Careless driving. With most families eager to travel to their loved one’s location, whether it is local or out of town, the excitement often promotes careless driving with spike of adrenaline and the rush to get to their destination. Under these heightened feelings, drivers reduce their attention on the road, other drivers, and their own skills.
2) Congestion of heavy traffic. With the increased number of drivers, from families doing their holiday traveling, the bustle of extra shopping trips, and maybe even getting the extra shifts in so more time off can be had, people often become more aggressive in the heavier traffic conditions as their patience wears thin. With the higher aggression and stress, drivers find themselves in more accidents.
3) Spikes of drunk driving. Merriment comes in many forms, from parties and other festivities in addition to people looking for comfort when the holidays are not something to look forward to, the number of drunk drivers significantly increase during the holiday seasons.
4) Holiday rush. The increase in the holiday extras, from visiting family, shopping, participating in activities and parties, the roads experience a constant rush-hour like condition. The additional congestion leads to road rage and aggressive driving, leading to the higher risk of collisions.

Safe Driving Techniques & Practices

Avoid driving if you are in a poor state of mind – If you notice the road rage building, or the stress levels getting too high, consider pulling over to take a moment until negative emotions neutralize. Even if it means pulling over for some coffee or ice cream or take a moment to call your bestie in a parking lot. Just get relief before you start driving again.
Do not get distracted while driving – With holiday light displays, overwhelming frenzies in or out of the car, be sure to avoid these distractions and keep your focus on the road. The distractions can lead to your own mistakes or hinder your response time in the event someone else has one.
Never drive when tired. Too many drivers attempt to push on with their journey when they are tired and end up spending time in the ICU. It would be wise to find a driver or ask a loved one or friend to take you and your family to where you want to go if you have to stick to a schedule but are too tired to do the drive.

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