Towing After a Car Accident in Henderson, NV; Choosing a Tow Truck Company, Destination & More

After an accident, tasks like seeking medical aid, filing insurance claims, and seeking legal help can be overwhelming. Moreover, arranging for your car’s tow from the accident site to a secure location adds to the challenges. Today, Nonstop Towing aims to address the specifics of towing after an auto accident.

Recognizing the Need for Towing After an Accident

In the aftermath of a collision, if you find yourself physically or emotionally unfit to operate your vehicle, opting for towing is the safer choice. The aftermath of an auto accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and disoriented, making driving undesirable. Your priority should be seeking medical attention, as driving while injured poses significant risks. Additionally, if your vehicle has sustained substantial damage, it’s clearly a suitable candidate for towing. Operating a severely damaged vehicle not only jeopardizes your safety but also endangers others on the road. Also, driving may prove difficult or impossible with extensive damage. Ensuring your safety and that of others necessitates recognizing when towing is the appropriate course of action following an accident.

Determining the Responsible Entity for Choosing a Towing Service Provider

The selection of a towing company is contingent upon various factors, often dictated by the involved parties. Law enforcement may designate a towing company from a list of certified businesses within the area, particularly in scenarios where accidents occur on busy roads, obstructing traffic flow. In such instances, prompt and secure towing of vehicles becomes imperative. Alternatively, individuals may have the prerogative to engage a towing service of their choice. The key lies in identifying a reputable, experienced, and dependable company. It’s essential not to overlook inquiries regarding administrative, towing, and storage fees when arranging for towing services. This ensures a transparent and informed decision-making process regarding the selection of a towing expert.

Destination of the Vehicle After it Gets Towed

After being towed, vehicles should be securely stored to facilitate accident reports and insurance investigations. Typically, insurance providers conduct independent assessments to evaluate damages and determine fault. It’s crucial not to repair or alter towed vehicles until after these investigations are completed to ensure accurate evaluations and claims processing. Typically, after towing, your vehicle can end up in one of three places. Firstly, it may be taken to a salvage yard or a nearby tow lot, especially if you’re severely injured and unable to specify a preferred location. However, keep in mind that storing your vehicle in such facilities often incurs daily storage fees. Secondly, your vehicle might be towed to your home, where you can safely store it in your garage or driveway. Alternatively, you can opt to have it towed directly to your mechanic or a nearby auto body shop for repairs. If choosing this option, it’s advisable to inform the repair shop beforehand and confirm receipt of the vehicle.

The Party Liable for the Accrued Towing Expenses

The party responsible for covering incurred towing expenses typically depends on your insurance coverage. If your policy includes collision coverage or additional towing and roadside assistance, your insurance company may foot the bill. These coverages usually extend to towing costs regardless of fault, including reasonable fees for storage. However, if your insurance doesn’t cover these expenses, you’ll be liable for both towing and storage costs. To mitigate expenses, opt for a reasonably priced towing company and avoid prolonged storage periods. Costs can vary depending on your insurance provider and location, so it’s wise to discuss potential expenses upfront with the towing provider.

Reclaiming Your Vehicle Post-Towing

If you weren’t present during the towing, you’ll need to learn how to retrieve your vehicle. Start by identifying its location, which can be provided by law enforcement or the towing company involved. If it’s in a storage facility, contact them to arrange for its return and settle any applicable storage fees.

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