What Causes Most Car Breakdowns in Summerlin, NV? Towing for Overheating Engine & More

Car breakdowns are a frustrating and often unexpected occurrence that can leave drivers stranded on the side of the road. While modern vehicles are more reliable than ever, there are still several common reasons why cars break down and require towing. Understanding these reasons can help drivers take preventive measures and minimize the risk of a breakdown. With this in mind, we at Non Stop Towing would like to share the most common reasons as to why vehicles break down and require a tow.

What Can Cause a Car to Break Down?

1) Dead Car Battery: A dead or malfunctioning battery is one of the leading causes of car breakdowns. Batteries can fail due to age, extreme temperatures, or simply because they were left on for an extended period without the engine running. Regular battery checks and maintenance can help prevent this issue.
2) Flat Tires: Tire blowouts or punctures can occur unexpectedly, especially if the tires are worn out or improperly inflated. Driving over sharp objects or potholes can also cause tire damage. Carrying a spare tire and knowing how to change it can be invaluable in such situations.
3) Engine Overheating: Overheating can result from a variety of factors, including a coolant leak, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a faulty radiator. Ignoring warning signs such as rising temperature gauges or steam coming from the engine can lead to severe damage and eventual breakdown.
4) Running Out of Fuel: Running out of fuel is a common yet avoidable reason for car breakdowns. Additionally, using the wrong type of fuel or contaminated fuel can cause engine problems and necessitate towing. It’s crucial to monitor fuel levels and refuel before they get too low.
5) Faulty Alternator: The alternator is responsible for charging the battery and powering electrical components while the engine is running. A malfunctioning alternator can lead to a drained battery and various electrical issues, ultimately resulting in a breakdown.
6) Ignition System Failure: Problems with the ignition system, such as a faulty ignition switch or damaged spark plugs, can prevent the engine from starting or cause it to stall while driving. Regular maintenance of the ignition system can help prevent these issues.
7) Transmission Failure: Transmission problems, such as fluid leaks, worn-out clutches, or gear slippage, can render a vehicle inoperable and require towing. Proper transmission maintenance, including fluid checks and replacements, can help prevent breakdowns.
8) Brake System Failure: Malfunctioning brakes can compromise vehicle safety and lead to breakdowns, especially if the brake pads are worn out or there’s a leak in the brake fluid system. Regular brake inspections and timely repairs are essential for preventing such issues.
9) Electrical Problems: Various electrical components in the vehicle, such as the starter motor, wiring, or fuses, can fail due to wear and tear, corrosion, or faulty connections. Diagnosing and addressing electrical issues promptly can prevent unexpected breakdowns.
10) Cooling System Malfunction: A malfunctioning cooling system, including the radiator, water pump, or hoses, can cause the engine to overheat and result in a breakdown. Regular inspection and maintenance of the cooling system can help prevent such failures.

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While car breakdowns can be inconvenient and stressful, many of them are preventable with proper maintenance and attention to warning signs. By understanding the common reasons why cars break down and taking proactive measures to address potential issues, drivers can reduce the likelihood of needing towing services and ensure a safer and more reliable driving experience. Call Non Stop Towing when you are in need of towing services in the Las Vegas Valley.

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