What Happens When an Electric Car Runs Out of Charge in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? Tow!

If you are a long time driver, there is a good chance that at some time you ran out of gas while driving a vehicle. It happens to the best of us. But if you are new to driving electric vehicles, you may be wondering what happens when you run out of a charge. It’s not like you can walk to the nearest gas station and simply fill up a gas can to get your car a little further. When your EV runs out of a charge, what do you do? NonStop Towing is here to talk about electric vehicles and what you need to know before you start driving one.

Electric Vehicle Ran Out of Charge

No one sets out on the open road with the intentions of running out of a charge. But, much like an gas powered vehicle, when you run out of a charge in an EV, your car will essentially stop and you will not be able to go any further. Also just like gas powered vehicles, there are indicators and warning sounds that will go off if you are getting close to running out of charge when driving an EV. It isn’t good for your battery to run out and manufacturers will advise against it as this will cause damage to the battery.

How Far Can an Electric Car Go on a Full Charge?

You may be wondering what kind of range you can expect when you are driving an EV. This will vary from make and model; as this depends on the size of the battery in the vehicle. Some EVs are able to get close to 300 miles in one charge; while others will only get 80 miles before they need to be plugged in again.

Electric Vehicle Towing Procedure

When you run out of a charge in your EV, you need to have the vehicle towed. It is important to note that you need to have it towed on a flatbed tow truck. If you try to rope tow or lift tow your EV, it can cause damage to the traction motors that help to regenerate when braking. If you check with your manufacturer, they will tell you how they recommend your car is towed. Tesla will tell you it should only be towed using a flatbed while a Nissan Leaf will tell you that when you lift the front wheels it is okay to be towed.

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Range anxiety when you are driving an EV is a real thing. This is especially prevalent when you are just starting to drive an EV. You will find that you are very aware of how many miles you have before your charge is gone. This will get better with time, and you will be more confident in your planning as well. There are apps you can find on your phone that will help you find the nearest charging and whether or not is free. If you find that your charge is gone and you are stranded, you can rely on the experts at NonStop Towing to get your car to the nearest charger and get you back on the road. Call us today!

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