What Special Hazards are Created when DIY Towing in Enterprise, NV? Vehicle Damage & More

If you are stuck on the side of the road or need to get your vehicle to a different destination and it cannot be driven then you may think that you can tow it yourself. While it is possible to tow another vehicle, it is not always the best option or solution for you or your vehicle. When you try to DIY towing, there can be many dangers involved with it. Understanding what the dangers are, can help keep you and your vehicle safe. NonStop Towing explores this further below.

Outside Vehicle Damage

One of the main reasons why DIY towing is bad is because you don’t have the proper frames, axles, and tools. Most likely you are using rope, chains, or another unsafe method that can cause danger and damage to your vehicle and the vehicle you are trying to tow. If you don’t have experience in towing, it could cause bumper damage or it can become loose while transporting the vehicle. You could cause physical and mechanical damage to the vehicle, which can have the lights stop working or the direction signal stop working while trying to tow the vehicle.

Inside Vehicle Damage

Most vehicles don’t have the engine power to safely pull another vehicle. If the vehicle you are pulling weighs more than the maximum load capacity of the vehicle pulling it, it could lead to engine, transmission, and brake damage. Even if you successfully towed the vehicle, it can shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. When there is too much weight and pressure on the engine, it leads to overheating. Tow trucks are designed to tow other vehicles. They have sturdier axles, engines, and frames.

Driving Can Become Unsafe

If you are not experienced in towing, then it can lead to unsafe driving. You are driving with extra weight that you are not used to towing, it can be harder to drive and lead to unsafe driving for you and those that are around you. When you are driving things become very natural to you. When you are towing, you have to make wider turns, think about the hills that require more attention, or try to merge. These are all things that you have to pay attention to when you are towing. If you are not used to towing, it can be difficult to maneuver the vehicle. Towing professionals have experience with towing and know when to make wide turns and take more precautions while driving. If you do not know what you are doing, it can lead to accidents or serious injury.

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The safest thing that you can do If you need a vehicle towed is to call a professional to come and tow it for you. This will be the safest for you and your vehicle. If you need a tow truck and someone to pull your vehicle, then give Non-Stop Towing a call. They are experienced in towing vehicles and know how to do it safely so that your vehicle gets to the destination with no problems.

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