Be Prepared for Roadside Emergencies in Silverado Ranch, NV; Car First Aid Kit & More

Be prepared. The statement recalls images of a Boy Scout, but there are levels of precautionary advice contained within the statement. As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. No excuses for burned out lights. And for your safety the brakes need to work properly. Most of the deficiencies found are discovered during routine maintenance and one of the reasons that maintenance is important.

Avoid Overheating Car Damage

One of the hazards of driving in the Las Vegas area is the heat of the summers. Without air conditioning your comfy car or truck can become an oven. Proper hydration for you or your passengers is of vital importance. Carry a few bottles of water, even warm water is better than no water. If you breakdown things will get uncomfortable fast. A 15-minute wait is doable, but thirty minutes or more will weigh heavy on children, being smaller they don’t carry the water reserves that an adult has. So, pack some water.

Charge Phone Before Driving in Car

In the valley water is not your only real concern given the time it takes for help to get to you. Communications are up there too, you cannot call for help if you cell phone is battery is dead. Make sure your phone is charged before you leave home or office.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Emergency kit, something everyone should have in their car at times. These include those emergency triangular markers, and the miracle of the modern age, LED flares. Cheaper and last longer the LED flares broadcast a red light as warning, hopefully saving you from a rear end collision. A couple of electronic flares and a triangle and you should be set.

Car First Aid Kit Requirements

Boo boos happen, cuts, scrapes and animal stings. A small but well equipped first aid kit is another item that should be found in every vehicle. A fire extinguisher is optional, as you can save your twenty-five plus thousand dollar ride from an all-consuming fire. Shorts, over heated electronics all are potential fire starters as are fuel leaks.

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As your driving excursion increase in radius as in hitting I-15, you have about a 1 – 2 hours drive in each direction before help. If your hitting the road you may find that those outposts of civilization are farther apart. Another road hazard, wildfires. As the western United States suffers one of the worst droughts in many years our forests are drying out creating tinder boxes ready to ignite. Most of our modern travel is on divided roads, making turning around difficult at best, perhaps illegal and dangerous at the worst. Some have had to setup mid highway camps for up to 72 hours on roads closed due to fire. Water is not your only problem, but cool nights will dictate blankets or other cool weather gear. Food will make things comfortable especially with children on board. You will be short of comforts don’t exacerbate the problem by being cold or hungry. Some games, old fashioned board or card games, burning gas to recharge a phone or tablet may help. Being prepared is a survival mindset. Consider your options, you maybe on your own for a while if you are stranded outside of the city as you wait for NonStop Towing to come to your aid with a tow or roadside assistance.

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