Car Breakdown Reasons in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Running Out of Gas, Dead Car Battery & More

It is common for vehicles to breakdown and it happens to nearly every driver at least once during their car ownership. Being that it is not rare, roadside emergencies are in high demand to rescueing inoperable vehicles. Even with diligent maintenance and care, there are some circumstances that can result in the vehicle breaking down. Today, we at Nonstop Towing would like to share a few of the common reasons as to why the vehicle may have broken down.

1) Running Out of Gas

One of the most frequent reasons as to why the vehicle comes to a sudden halt, is when the fuel is used up. If you’re near a gas station or serviceable area, this is only a minor inconvenience. Should you be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no sight of a gas station, however, it can be a much more dangerous situation. The best solution is requesting fuel delivery by a reputable professional towing and roadside assistance expert.

2) Dead Car Battery

The old age of your battery or issues stemming from alternator problem. Draining the energy of your battery can be the result faulty alternators. Because it might cause some breakdown issues in your future trips, a battery that is more than 5 years old should be replaced. If a battery the source, you can contact roadside assistance for a jump start.

3) Overheating Car

The power is cut, resulting in the vehicle being shut down when your car engine overheats. Scorching weather and overworking of your car parts and some other factors can lead to the vehicle overheating as well.

4) Flat tire

If it ran over something sharp on the road, your flat tires would surely force your vehicle to stop, no matter how much you had prepared your car for your journey. Roadside assistance services can help you change the tire if you lack the know how or tools.

What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

In the event you experience your vehicle becoming inoperable, there are some protocols you should adhere to for your safety.
1) Pull over to the roadside. Promptly guide your vehicle towards the side of the road should your car shows signs of malfunctioning. This will help you stay safe from traffic and allow traffic to continue to flow and prevent accidents.
2) Activate your hazard lights. The hazard button is the red or orange triangle that your car is equipped with. This allows those traveling that your vehicle is suffering for malfunctions and give them the opportunity to slow down and give you a wider birth.
3) Contact a reliable roadside assistance. Do not hesitate to call a professional tow company to help you if you are in a situation where you cannot help yourself. All you have to do is wait for the assistance that will arrive within just a few minutes once you give them the necessary details. When it comes to your vehicle falling short, having a towing and roadside assistance specialist is better than doing it yourself. It keeps you and others on the road safe and if there are more issues found, you are having the towing option readily available.

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