Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Breakdown in Eldorado, NV; Tire Tread Test, Check Fluids & More

As many commuters know the state of their driving depends on the state of the vehicle which depends on the road conditions of both traffic and hazards. Nonstop Towing offers many roadside services, and if you are need of assistance, we will be glad to help. But avoiding the need should be the goal.

Penny Tire Tread Test

Tires are a primary call for assistance. If you encountered a road hazard it will need to be changed, but if the blow is due to wear it can usually be avoided. Take a US penny and insert it in the tread with Lincolns head facing you up top and head first. If the tread is from the rim to the top of Lincolns head, you should be good to go but you are approaching ‘new tire time’. If the distance is less than touching his head, you need new tires now. This is one of those rules of thumb reference driving but your tires should be checked by a pro.

Diagnose Radiator Leaks Early

Well there are two situations; hoses or radiator. With the proliferation of plastic radiators there are also a lot of cracked radiators, particularly in the Las Vegas heat. The other cause of engine cooling failure is the hoses. Soft ‘squishy’ hoses is a sure sign of near time failure and should be inspected and/or replaced during service calls. Failure of the thermostat or radiator cap is also possible, but these items tend to be very reliable. When it comes to hoses don’t forget those garden hose sized lines running to the heater, they need attention as well.

Try to Extend Car Battery Life

It doesn’t matter the battery, economy or premium they all tend to succumb to the Vegas heat in 3-4 years. Batteries just don’t seem to last much beyond that. So, battery failure is common. The modern alternator needs electrical flow from the battery to sustain the magnetic field that generate electrical power. Older generator system had permanent magnets and were self-sustaining and could generate power without a battery, but not so with the modern alternator. Alternator are more efficient, generate more power a lower engine rpm but are not self-sustaining they need to partnership with a good battery. If the alternator fails, you will be running only on battery power. Batteries are a major failure point in modern vehicles. So, changing out that battery is the ticket if it has failed, not just a jump. However, terminal corrosion is a point of failure. One trick is to pour a carbonated beverage over the terminals, the alkaline will counter the corrosion. Make sure none of the liquid flows into the battery. But the terminal will need to be removed and cleaned. In this case a low battery will need to be “jumped” and can recharge as you drive.

Brake Inspection

Brake systems should not leak fluid. If your master cylinder is low this is an indication of a potential problem elsewhere in the system. If you need brake fluid on more than one occasion you will need to get your system inspected pronto. Some drop may have been experienced as the it takes more fluid to compensate for wear of linings, but be sure this is the cause, any potential for brake failure you will want to avoid.

Top Off Car Fuel & Fluids

Power steering fluid is another place where excessive leaks and be problematic and dangerous. But most of these systems tend to ‘weep’ fluid as they age but should be inspected for excessive leaking. Really? If you run out of fuel that’s on you. But humans tend to flirt with disaster, particularly if they’re in a hurry. Just remember, some injection systems need the air bled before they’ll work properly, running out fuel could be a problem. Split or cracked washer fluid tanks are another common situation, and the only real solution is to replace the tank, but wipers and fluid are a safety mechanism. These should be checked during maintenance visits. After all, if you can’t see to drive?

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The primary theme is maintenance, attention to details and conducting timely repairs. Drive safely.
If your car does break down on the side of the road, call Nonstop Towing for emergency roadside assistance or towing if needed.

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