How to Tow 2, 4 & All Wheel Drive Vehicles to Avoid Mechanical & Transmission Damage in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Making a major impact, the way that vehicles add power to its wheels is defined as its drivetrain when you are driving on rough terrain or in extreme weather conditions. The way your driving is affected between 2, 4, and all-wheel drive and they all have differences that many people are unaware of. Today, we at Nonstop Towing would like to discuss the distinctions between 2, 4, and all-wheel drive.

All Wheel Drive Sedans & Vehicles

With all-wheel drive vehicles, power is delivered to all 4 wheels. These vehicles send power to all 4 wheels automatically when either quick acceleration or slippery conditions is felt in most cases. Varying torque levels in different wheels, these drivetrains, for the most part, the functioning is already enforced. This allows extra traction in rain or snow for drivers who find they need it. However, all-wheel drive is not intended for any of off-roading applications. The best way to tow all wheel drive cars is flatbed towing as this method ensures all the wheels are off the ground. This is the safest and easiest method to tow without causing possible damage to the drive train.

4 Wheel Drive Cars & SUVs

With the vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive, torque can be applied to all 4 of the wheels. To grant for turning distances on normal roads, a vehicle’s 4 wheels turn at different speeds. The differential gears allow the wheels to turn at different weights flawlessly on normal roads, reducing the traction on slippery conditions, which is helpful. Since 4-wheel drive vehicles grant you to automatically or manually lock is perfect for rough or rainy roads, and not so much for normal smooth roads. The center differential delivers equal amounts of torque to the front and back axles of the wheels. All-wheel drive vehicles also supply low gears with highly multiplied power, which allows you to steadily climb up steep conditions or over obstacles. These vehicles are usually higher up and with more wheel clearance for harsher terrain driving as well. Though the gas mileage is inefficient, the 4-wheel drive vehicles are usually more rugged. 4 wheel drive vehicles can be towed via flatbed or wheel lift tow trucks.

Two Wheel Drive Mechanism

Offered in either front or rear wheel options, the 2-wheel drive is a drivetrain provides better traction in slippery rainy conditions. Additionally, the majority of cars sold today are front wheel drives, which allows the floor of the cabin can be flat since it provides more interior space than rear wheel drive cars, and without the requirement for a drive shaft transfer to the rear wheels. Rear wheel drives offer good traction and weight for many types of vehicles, which makes it ideal for heavy rear loads like trucks as well as performance vehicles meant for high speed. Front or rear 2 wheel drive vehicles can be towed with a flatbed tow truck where all four wheels are off the ground. If your car is a front 2 wheel drive, wheel lift tow trucks can also be employed but if your car is a rear 2 wheel drive, the drive shaft will have to be disconnected and removed first so as not to damage the transmission.

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These drivetrain features can help drivers avoid getting stuck in rough terrain with the extra traction it delivers or help prevent a collision caused by slippery roads. However, whether you find yourself stuck in a ditch or have fallen into an accident due to slippery conditions, Nonstop Towing can provide exceptional towing services in the Greater Las Vegas Valley. To deliver high-quality towing services to our customer, our friendly experts have the training and experience you need. In order to reach us conveniently and quickly, be sure to add our contact information to your cellphone.

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