Tire Blowout & Vehicle Rollover in Henderson, NV; What to Do & Who to Call if Your Tire Blows Out

Most of us just tool along in our rides and think little of the consequences of vehicular failures. The reliability of our car and truck components have become expected, but there are things that fail, like tires. One of those things that get your attention really quick is a tire blowout. The trick is to keep yourself safe and not exacerbate the situation by becoming a part of an accident. If you know how to respond when this hazardous scenario comes to pass, you have the potential to avoid collision and get safely out of traffic.

Drive Through a Tire Blowout

Your car depending on the side of the tire failure, will pull toward the side of the failure. You need to maintain a firm control of your vehicle and stay calm. When you are calm and relaxed, it is proven that you can think things through much better. This is how you do it:
• Do not brake, though it is your first instinct is to slam on those brake, fight the urge, sudden braking will increase the loss of control.
• Gradually slow down, allowing the car to slow on its own. In many cases the flattened tire will aid in this as the drag on the forward movement is increased by the flat tire. Be aware that total failure can result with full contact of the metal wheel and the road surface.
• Pull of the road very slowly and cautiously maintaining control. Flip on the emergency flashers to let other drivers know of your urgent situation, especially if traffic is heavy. Also deploy any emergency sign or if night use flares. The new LED flares are safer and cheaper than the burning type of flare.
• If safe, change the tire but replace that under sized tire as soon as you can. If it is not safe or your incapable to change the tire contact your roadside service provider.

How to Avoid a Tire Blowout

• Check your tires for blisters, bubbles and cracks, particularly if your tires are older.
• Pickup owners or cars for that manner, don’t overload your vehicles. Overloading affects steering and control and adds stress to the tires.
• Inflation, proper inflation goes far in improving tire performance, tread wear and tire life expectancy.
• Once a month check your tread wear.
• If you experience a blowout drive through it.

Vehicle Rollover Caused By Tire Blowout

Blown tires on turns and curves can lead to rollovers, and the percentage of fatalities is high in rollovers. A blown tire could contribute to a tripped rollover where something contributed to the rollover accident, like a curb or other road hazard.

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