Towing a Lowered, Classic, Muscle, Vintage, Antique, Collector or Exotic Car in Canyon Gate, NV

What is a classic car? The definition varies from local to local. It must be valued enough to be collectible and worth preservation versus scrapping. Generally, vehicles over 20 to 25 years old are considered classic. Older cars do not conform to the safety norms of modern vehicles. Body design and safety equipment are lacking. Some sport nonpowered drum brakes and no seat belts. And there are no good mounting points for a retrofit of seat belts. Tires are thinner and taller and if they are fitted with modern radials the added traction means you will have to work harder to steer. There are no crumple zones and so an accident is more telling than a modern vehicle.

How Old is an Antique Car?

Antique vehicles are older, some define them as 1913 to 1948 others use over 45 years old. Those from 1948 may be considered vintage, the newer ones 20-25 years old as ‘classic’. However not all definitions are the same and are defined by state statute for licensing purposes and car clubs have their own definitions.

Classic American Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are given a cutoff for the 1974 model year to be a ‘classic muscle car’ versus a high-powered vehicle. As time marches on however, this definition is subject to change. In some states it may even be illegal to use a classic as a day to day commuter vehicle. However, accidents involving classics are rare, just the fact that there is so few of them and most owners only operate or drive them occasionally.

Challenges of Towing Classic Cars

All this discussion is to point out the fact that towing a modern ride is different from grandpa’s old Buick Rivera. Many have been lowered and therefore towing a classic is some what problematic. The older cars like the 1930-40’ tend to have solid front axles. Care must be made where the winch cable is attached. Exotic cars are usually of foreign rather that domestic manufacture. Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari to name a few.
All of these have a similar problem. If in an accident it is difficult to get parts, not just body parts but drive train parts as well. So, an investment in these are at risk if driven regularly.

Flatbed Towing of Classic Cars

Flatbed tows are probably the preferred method to ensure no further damage to that classic. Some of the early Camaros and Mustangs can go for between $50,000-75,000. The exotics some of which are in six-digit costs are even more. A bent tie rod or other problem can be expensive to fix. The goal is to protect from further damage.
Whatever happens don’t tow your classic to the impound yards, tow it home first or tow to your body shop. Tow and storage fees are charged daily and can rapidly add to the cost of recovery.

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Enjoy your classic or exotic. They’re fun to drive and definitely head turners. Hopefully you will never see your classic on a tow, but if it happens you an experienced and professional tow service that understands the intricacies and appreciates your investment if you need to resort to a tow. Call Nonstop Towing, we’re glad to help.

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