Planning for a Breakdown or Car Accident in Sun City, NV; Best Places to Tow Vehicles & More

The bottom line is that every vehicle irrespective of its operable capabilities has value. In fact, that heap of mangled metal after an accident is worth at least $500 in salvage and metal recycling. Not only that there is an emotional attachment to that inanimate pile steel for many. The function of a tow company is to transport your vehicle to the location of your desire without causing undo further damage to the vehicle. The less you need to fix the cheaper the fix and you can have your friend on the road again in a shorter time. But where to transport.

Best Places to Tow Inoperable Vehicles

Well most us hopefully don’t have close relationships with autobody shops, but many of us have our favorite mechanic. We should then save a few pennies and have the vehicle taken to our mechanic and may even use his recommendation for an autobody shop. Or simply have it delivered to our home or other personalized location. Do avoid police impound lots as the storage, tow and other fees can easily out strip the value of a vehicle in a distressingly short period of time.

Every Car has Value

Every vehicle has value as stated above. For the salvage yard there are engine and transmission that can be sold. Older vehicles are a gold mine for body parts, many of which may no longer be available on the market as ‘new’ parts. Getting that classic on the road after a fender bender may entail the use of ‘used’ body parts if nothing else is available. And of course, there is recycling. If the yards didn’t make money on salvage they wouldn’t invest in crushers and car grinders to reduce the bulk to smaller easily shipped dimensions. So, there is gold in that clunker. But like agriculture, there are times when that hunk of junk is more valuable as the prices of metal salvage fluctuate across of a spectrum of profitability.

Plan for a Car Breakdown or Accident

The financial impact of a breakdown or accident can be traumatic. One aspect is your insurance company in case of an accident. Police impound lots (usually subcontracted to law enforcement) are an expensive storage option, your insurance company will appreciate the lower fee venue of alternative locations. Prior planning prevents poor performance, a mantra repeated among law enforcement and military personnel. But the message is if you plan on your response to a possible traumatic experience and will comply with a well thought out strategy, the more friendly the result. First establish a destination appropriate to the situation. Broke down, send the vehicle to a mechanic. Already have an autobody shop that you have confidence in lined up. The reality is that at some time if you drive you are a) going to breakdown and the statistics indicate you will b) be involved in an accident. May not be your fault but regardless that crumpled mass of metal needs to be put back in service if possible. If you planned for the disaster you will have the appropriate info in you phone, makes decision making much better when under duress.

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