When to Replace Tires to Avoid Flat Tire or Blowout Roadside Assistance in MacDonald Ranch, NV

It does not matter what type of business you own there are routine things that you do and see as part of your job. Here at Non Stop Towing our business is keeping you safe on the roads. No matter what type of problem you run into on the road we can come out and help you. One issue that we see on a regular basis is issues with tires. Flat tires, split tires, and shredded tires all frequently cause issues for drivers here in the Las Vegas Valley. One of the things you can do to prevent issues with your tires is making sure that you replace your tires when necessary. How do you know if your tires need to be replaced? Today we will talk about what you should look for and think about when it comes to your tires.

Inspect Tire Tread Depth

Inspecting the tread on your tires is one of the most important things that you can do to evaluate if it is time to replace your tires. The purpose of tire tread is to divert water from underneath the tire to improve the traction of your tires and help your car not to hydroplane on wet roads. When the tread bar is flush with the tire tread it is time to replace your tires. Your tires have tread wear bars on them. Tire tread wear bars are small horizontal bridges that form between your treads. As you drive your car these bars will become flush with the tread. When you go to check the tread on your tires make sure that you look at the entire tire and not just one spot. Sometimes tires do not wear evenly so one spot will look fine but other areas will look more worn. Many drivers feel intimidated by the thought of looking at their tire treads and knowing whether or not it is time to replace them. For years people have encouraged drivers to use a penny to help them with this. Take a penny and place it upside down with the picture of Lincoln facing you in the center of the tread at the thickest part of the tire. When you look at the penny if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head or the copper above it you should replace your tires. If you cannot see the hair on the top of Lincoln’s head your tire is looking good and does not need to be replaced.
Another way to check the tread of your tires is to stop at a local tire store and have them help you take a look at them. Take your car into a tire shop that you trust and have them inspect your tires for you. They will be able to tell you if it is time to replace them or if they have some more wear in them. As you look at your tires you will also want to look for any abnormalities in your tire. If your tires have become misshapen or have any bulges or bubbles in them you will want to replace your tires.

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Making sure that you replace your tires when the tread is low will prevent you from needing to call Non Stop Towing because you are stuck on the side of the road due to a tire issue. Call us for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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