Car Overheating Troubleshooting in Tuscany Village, NV; Coolant Leak, Low Engine Oil & More

Motorized vehicles all use a cooling system to prevent overheating the engine. As an engine runs it can create excessive heat which can damage a number of engine components. The cooling system help to prevent overheating damages. However, when the cooling systems fails and the engine overheats it is essential to pull off the road and turn off the vehicle. There is a number of reasons or problems as to why a cooling system can fail. NonStop Towing will share why a vehicle overheats and where you can find help.

Coolant Blockage or Leak

Coolant is the primary fluid that is used to prevent the engine from over heating. In order for the coolant to properly keep the engine cooled, the coolant need to be maintain and kept filled. However, over time the coolant lines can develop a blockage or even a leak. If the coolant is blocked the fluid won’t be able to cool the engine properly. A leak in the line or tank cause the fluid level to drop too low. In some case during intense cold season the coolant line a freeze and form a blockage. Often the check engine light will pop on, check the coolant every few months or when the check engine light comes on.

Low Engine Oil

Another essential fluid is motor oil. The motor oil help to lucubrate the moving parts of the engine. When the engine is properly lubricated there is little to no friction. However, as the oil goes bad or runs low the moving part will have intense friction which creates heat. Even with a functioning cooling system, the friction will cause to much heat and over heat the vehicle. Make sure to have the vehicle’s oil change on schedule to prevent over heating.

Radiator Fan Not Working

Another component to a vehicle’s cooling system is the radiator fan. The radiator fan helps to keep the engine cooler when it is running. Over time the fan or radiator will need to be replaced. In some cases there is often an electrical issue cause the fan not to run correctly. If the engine is overheating and all the fluid levels are good it may be the radiator fan going or or encountering a malfunction.

Car Thermostat Stuck Open

Vehicles also uses there own thermostat as part of the cooling system. When the engine reaches a certain temperature the cooling system kicks on. The thermostat can fail like any other electrical component. If the fluid levels are good and the radiator fan is functioning properly, then the vehicle will need a diagnostic and the thermostat check for any errors.

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When you’re on the road and your vehicle overheat, pull off immediately. Check all fluid level and see if the coolant or motor oil is low. Roadside assistance service can bring fluid to help get you back on the road. If there is a greater mechanical problem it may be best to have the vehicle towed to your mechanic. If you ever need towing or roadside assistance service contact NonStop Towing, we provide 24/7 services.

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