Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain to Avoid a Car Accident & Needing a Tow in Las Vegas, NV

This winter you probably have tons of things you are looking forward to. The holiday season brings so many fun activities and events with it. As you are out and about driving to your holiday festivities you will likely drive in many different types of weather. Knowing how to drive safely in all the different types of weather is an important part of being a safe driver. Here in the Las Vegas Valley one type of weather that we see during the winter is rain. Today NonStop Towing is going to give you some tips on how you can drive safely when it is raining outside.

Make Sure Windshield Wipers are Working

The first tip that we have is actually a preventative measure. You will want to make sure that your windshield wipers work efficiently. If your windshield wipers do not work you will want to replace them. Replacing your windshield wipers is super inexpensive and very easy to do. If you need to replace your windshield wipers and do not know how check online for video tutorials or ask your local car parts store to come out and show you. Many times car parts stores are more than willing to come show you how to do this easy task. You do not want to wait until it is raining to realize your windshield wipers do not actually work so do not skip this test! Another thing that you do not want to wait until it is raining to figure out is how to work your windshield wipers. Windshield wipers work just a little differently from car to car. You will want to figure out how to turn them on before rain is pouring down.

Turn On Your Headlights when Driving in Rain

In addition to turning on your windshield wipers on when it is raining outside you will also want to turn your headlights on. Many states actually require drivers to turn their lights on when it is raining. Visibility is not as good when it is raining outside. Having your lights on will help ensure that other drivers can see you on the road.

How Much Slower Should You Drive in the Rain?

When it is raining you will definitely want to slow down. The speed limit is a great speed to travel when the roads are dry. When it rains you should plan on driving slower than normal though. The roads are slick when it is raining. Traveling too fast on wet roads is extremely dangerous.

Greater Following Distance in Rain

You will also want to leave more distance than normal between you and the other cars on the road when it is raining. Your vehicle will not respond as quickly when the roads are wet. Giving yourself some distance between you and the cars around you will give you the extra time that you will need to maneuver your car safely. When you press on your brakes when the roads are wet your car will need more time to stop. Make sure that you slowly increase and decrease your speed when it is raining.

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As you drive you will want to be extra aware. Here at NonStop Towing we tow more cars when it is raining outside. Driving carefully will help prevent you from getting in an accident. If you do find yourself in an accident during a rainstorm give NonStop Towing a call. We can come out and help you anytime!

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